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Wasmer Schroeder


We believe that certain segments of the fixed income universe are less efficient than others and that research, thoughtful analysis, and active management can provide added value through the ongoing exploitation of inefficiencies in these markets.

Investment Strategy


We strive to provide better fixed income management through research, applied technology, and service with a keen focus on achieving an optimal balance between risk and return.

Our core investment tenets inform our process:

  • Deep credit research with a dedicated team of experienced professionals and innovative, proprietary, analytical technology
  • Uncovering and exploiting market inefficiencies
  • Minimizing transaction and tax costs through efficient trade execution
  • Investment team collaboration to provide reliable solutions for our partners and clients

Working Together to Serve Investors

A Dedicated Support Team Across Client Services, Investment, and Client Relationship Management

Wasmer Schroeder delivers exceptional service, exemplified by offering our investment partners and clients access to our portfolio management, dedicated client service, and relationship management teams.

As a client or partner of Wasmer Schroeder, you should expect:

  • A collaborative and solutions-based approach
  • Access to firm and investment team leadership
  • Portfolio reviews, including analysis of current holdings
  • Deep and thoughtful research
  • Strategy and portfolio level performance attribution
  • Quarterly market and strategy commentary
  • Detailed client reporting
  • Prompt and reliable service

Credit Research


Long-standing, Specialized Industry Experience and Proprietary Technology = Better Credit Research

Taking a collaborative, team-based approach to decision making, the Investment and Credit Committees combine top-down analysis with a bottom-up approach across both our corporate and municipal credit underwriting processes. We also leverage internally-developed, proprietary software to surveil, score, rank, and prioritize our credit universe across a number of key metrics. This system facilitates real-time identification of both performing and underperforming credits, ultimately prioritizing the application of our deep, active research and analysis to make timely and informed credit determinations.

Risk Management


Our risk management process has stood the test of time and played a crucial role in the performance of our strategies since the firm’s inception in 1987. Leveraging technology and analyst experience, we monitor current and potential risks at the firm, strategy, and portfolio levels. We feel that our credit expertise adds another layer of risk management, as we go deeper and further to make sure each security is fully vetted and analyzed before making an investment decision.

Wasmer Schroeder manages portfolios with a zero default rate objective, and operates with built-in risk monitoring and alert mechanisms for comprehensive coverage.

Positive Impact Strategy


The growing demand of investors—both individual and institutional—to align their values with their investments has been fueling the integration of ESG and positive impact across investment strategies. Wasmer Schroeder’s impact fixed income strategies are designed to meet this growing need.

We were a true early adopter of ESG and positive impact integration to meet clients’ objectives—with strategies that focus on bonds that support issues such as education, infrastructure, environmental protection, poverty eradication, and affordable housing. We layer on time-tested research and methodology to thoroughly screen, understand, and select investments that provide essential and sustainable benefits to the community. We offer both tax-exempt and taxable strategies for investors looking to make the world better without sacrificing performance or yield in their fixed income portfolio.

To learn more about our ESG philosophy, read our recent Perspectives.


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