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More than 30 years ago, Wasmer Schroeder was founded on the principles of an unwavering commitment to service and a dedication to managing fixed income the right way. From its beginning, the firm has held steadfast in its spirit of collaboration—doing what’s right for the advisors, investors, and institutions for whom we manage money. We do right by doing right by them—knowing their businesses, understanding their goals, and consistently finding solutions to meet their needs.

Originally founded by Martin Wasmer and Michael Schroeder, the firm has grown significantly. We remain dedicated to uncovering the right opportunities and delivering results for our partners—working together every step of the way. The firm’s culture is based on integrity, and on doing what is right with every decision we make. As an active fixed income manager with a team of investment professionals across tax exempt and taxable strategies, we are dependable, collaborative, and insightful in our approach. Backed by research and emboldened by technology, our hands-on team is a true partner to the advisors, investors, and institutions who give us their trust.

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Better Fixed Income

In-Depth Credit Research

Our credit analysis reaches a wide range of securities to uncover incremental value and optimize risk/reward balance.


True ESG Integration

The values behind ESG investing align with our own corporate culture of seeking to improve the world around us. Our Positive Impact strategies employ a proceeds-based approach—applying an ESG overlay to an already rigorous credit process.


A Mindset for Success

We help our clients and partners thrive by supporting them with various efforts including portfolio reviews and recommendations on fixed income solutions.


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The Wasmer Schroeder team is characterized by asset class specialization, a passion for excellence, and providing solutions that are right for our clients. Together, we work collaboratively to carve out growth opportunities, innovate using technology, and provide thoughtful fixed income insights.


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